sopes huaraches

Sope Tradicional $ 2.89
Traditional Sope
Incluye Frijoles, Lechuga, Queso, Crema
Includes Beans, Lettuce, Cheese, Sour Cream
Sopes con Carne $ 3.69
Sope with meat
Asada, Pastor, Chorizo, Tinga Pollo, Tinga Res, Campechano
Steak, Pork, Chorizo, Shredder Chicken, Shredded
Beef, Campechano
Huarache de Cecina $ 7.99
Thin Slice Steak
Huarache Tradicional $ 5.99
Traditional Huarache, no Meat 
Frijoles, Cebolla, Salsa, Queso Fresco, sin Carne
Huarache de Pollo $ 7.99
Shredded Chicken Huarache
Huarache de Nopales y Asada $ 7.99
Steak and Cactus Huarache
Huarache de Asada/ Steak Huarache $ 7.99
Steak Huarache
Huarache Campechano $ 8.99
Campechano Huarache
Todos los huaraches son hechos a mano.
Incluyen Frijoles, Cebolla, Salsa Verde y Queso
All huaraches are homemade tortilla.
Includes Beans, Onions, Green Sauce and Cheese
-Carne Extra/ Extra Meat   $1.00      -Extras   $0.50